Hi, I'm Anthony

I love big cities. The fast pace, being at the center of business, being at the center of tech. I like iterating quickly and getting things deployed.


I'm working on a few things right now

  • Todo It

    I'm all about organization. I use Todoist for all of my school, work and personal tasks. Now I'm building out a todo app with features exactly to my liking. Maybe you'll like it to!

  • Boxy

    It's your own private "dropbox" server and client application that you can deploy where ever you want and get as much storage as you need. It's still in the design phase, but I'm looking forward to starting to code it.

  • Spectator

    It's a Node based git watching tool. It listens for git hooks and will update your server with the latest code from the branch you specify.

Let's Talk

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